Read to Succed

Read to Succeed

Reading is one of the significant aspects for students’ learning. Teachers at HIS believe reading helps students develop in various ways, not only from the academic perspective but also as a life habit. We encourage students at school to read as much as possible. We would like to invite the parents to cooperate with us in helping our students to become strong and independent readers. Of course, we understand it takes time and effort. Nevertheless, we believe that soon we will see a marked improvement in our students' language development and learning as we all work together as a team.


Reading Tips for Students (閱讀小技巧):
● Read with your parents or a sibling. Ask each other questions to make sure you understand. 進行閱讀時,可以邀請家長或是手足一起,也可互相問問對方關於故事的內容。
● Look at the pictures and illustrations. Identify all the characters. 如果文字太難,可以欣賞圖片,分享圖片中的內容。
● Use your imagination and ask yourself: What will happen next? 閱讀時,可以想想下一步會發生什麼事?
● If you could change one thing that happened, what would it be? 完成閱讀後,也可以試著編創故事的內容或結局,讓故事變得更有趣!
● Ask your homeroom teacher if the book you are reading is too easy or too hard. 不確定哪本書比較適合自己,可以主動找老師幫忙!


Online Resources for Reading (線上閱讀資源):

  1. YouTube

Type in the title of the book with the words “read aloud”.


Reading Pioneers Academy 


The StoryTime Family

StoryTime at Awnie’s House


  1. Apps

Learning Time With Timmy 


Khan Academy Kids

*Free download可免費下載

Teach Your Monster to Read

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime


Monkey Puzzles

*Free download可免費下載

Expectations for Students (老師的叮嚀):

  • Have a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast. 準時入睡並享用健康的早餐。

  • Be on time and ready to begin class. 準時到校並調整好心情。

  • Respect everybody. 尊重每個位同學及老師。

  • Be kind and work together with your classmates. Each Class is a Community.


  • SPEAK English in class! Don't worry about speaking perfectly. Our school is a comfortable and safe place where students are free to make mistakes and learn together.